Essay On Malcolm X And Frederick Douglass

Nobody appears to learn about Sanders early-life and family history. Like her partner, the Hajj wandered to Mecca, becoming a Muslim, and she managed her belief while in the Region of the purpose in X's assassination of Islam until 1995. Gloria X was a registered nurse, continuing her education at Jersey City State College, as she needed to offer her huge family.

Her friends took her to hear Malcolm X speak at an temple in Harlem about the World of Islam one-night. Essence Magazine, a magazine especially for American black girls, said that after he was done chatting Bettyis friend offered to present her.

To Mecca, the Hajj wandered like her husband, becoming a Sunni Muslim, and she maintained her faith until 1995 in the Land of Islamis part in the killing of Malcolm X. Gloria X was an RN, continuing her training at City University, as she had a need to provide for her family that is significant.

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