Stephanie Miyasato

Period several, 1-29-12


Would you bounce? Hundreds of folks who were caught in the smoking and flames of the cal king towers in September eleven, 2001 were put in this position that would decide their lifestyle and loss of life. Many believe that these " jumpers” were offer the test.

" The Falling Man” was among the many workers that did not predict their end to come. But this type of ‘jumper' was very different from all the others. The man was identified as a rather dark-skinned, tall person within a uniform that a majority of chefs and pastry personnel wore- together with a noticeable shiny orange shirt underneath. His stance when he was falling was one of the things many people realized that was extremely unique. His body has not been helplessly protruding and flailing like all the others that had misplaced hope. The ‘falling man' seemed very calm and collected so that as he was slipping he had a relaxed posture- straight again, arms aside, and a single knee bent over. It can be obvious that he chose to jump- however the question is the reason why?

A large number of people acquired different opinions and viewpoints on why the ladies jumpers jumped, and why the others stayed in the fires with the falling complexes in 9/11. Did they will stay in the smoke and flames mainly because they had a small chance of desire and endurance? Did that they jump pertaining to the fear of pain? There are a million possibilities.

When you observe the picture of the well-known " Falling Man” this individual looks like he realized what was going to come of him. He did not be reluctant when he chose to escape the burning flames. He allow himself move and appreciated the last few secs of his life. There can be many things that he might have been thinking. The people who made a decision to jump might have been afraid of dying in discomfort and misplaced all desires of being kept from the weakened tower or perhaps jumped for his or her last breaths of air flow. Some understood and some had been simply scared.

The people who decided to remain in the building could have had a different view. Some may have thought that in the event they stay at least they had tried out, or...


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