п»їName: Alison Barrett

University: Forest Secondary school

Teacher: Mr. Josvai

Assessment 3. 02

Imagine you have just accomplished a trip throughout the early kingdoms and city-states of East, Central, and South Africa. Your family and friends ask you about the trip. Your task is always to give them an oral good your experience. You may choose to write your account, record it, or make a video. Keep in mind, your family and friends can share the story and pass it on to future decades, like dental historians in Africa. Produce it interesting! No one desires to hear an unteresting story. PARAGRAPH 1: Clarify at least one significant political, a single social, and one monetary feature you observed in all the three places you stopped at. Write, or perhaps speak with a organic narrative voice, as if informing a story into a friend. Work with complete paragraphs to express your opinions, and make sure that your details are comprehensive by providing information from the lessons. At least five complete sentences. Superb Zimbabwe

I start off my trip of my own trip throughout the kingdoms and city-states of Africa today. I begin in Great Zaimbabwe in Southern Africa. Great Mvuma, zimbabwe, the messed up city near Lake Mutirikwe and the city of Masvingo, close to the Chimanimani Mountains, combined with Chipinge Area. Great Mvuma, zimbabwe was seen as a place was seen as a crucial symbol of feat for Africans, and restoring the history was a major aim for those in search of a majority secret. In 1980, the internationally recognized independent country was renamed to get the site, as well as famous soapstone bird carvings were maintained from the Rhodesian flag and Coat of Arms like a national symbol and represented in the new Zimbabwean banner. Later in 1980 this officially started to be the modern state it is today. I likewise learned that in 1350, Wonderful Zimbabwe was obviously a center pertaining to gold control. Local people informed me that people from across the the southern part of Africa brought gold for the Great Zimbabwe. The city didn't really have a social framework, it was simply classes of rich and...


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