The Anglo-Saxon epic Beowulf is definitely the one of the most crucial works of Old The english language literature, which is well deserved of this distinction. The epic tells the story of any hero, a Scandinavian prince named Beowulf, who rids the Danes of the list Grendel, a descendant of Cain, associated with his uses fighting Grendel's mother and a dragon. Throughout the epic, the author uses many factors to build some depth towards the characters. Three main important character elements in Beowulf are prosperity and reverance, Biblical or Christ-like, and man, good versus bad. As he fights and defeats Grendel, Beowulf earns celebrity and wealth from his companions, as well as from the Danes. More importantly, he earns exclusive chance raising him to the standard of a typical main character. Grendel, however , is the opposite of Beowulf. He is without wealth, no honor, and he is infamous as a great evil great. This lack of wealth and honor describes Grendel as a symbol of evil and corruption. Throughout the story, Beowulf is provided as a Christ-like figure. Beowulf has a spiritual purpose to his persona. One example of the is in line 381 in which Hrothgar claims " Today Holy Goodness has, in His goodness, led him here to the West-Danes, to defend all of us from Grendel. " This kind of religious description relates Beowulf to a messiah figure delivered by God to save man from evil. But as Beowulf can be not a messiah, this information shows the excellent in Beowulf and the reason for his quest. This is also evident in the incidents that follow, just how that Beowulf speaks about himself, plus the way the people treat him. The 1st way Beowulf's likeness to Christ is revealed is usually through the incidents that come about. After Beowulf tells Hrothgar, King with the Danes, that he will fight Grendel, there is a celebration. Through the celebration, Wealhtheow, the princess or queen " raised a streaming cup" (45) and added " a part from the jeweled cup/ intended for each" (45-46). When she got to Beowulf, she " thanked The almighty for giving an answer to her prayers" (45). This kind of...


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