Discuss some of the concerns and anxieties turned on by the introduction of 'mass culture'

There has always been a definitive struggle to establish culture since it is so complicated and means something different with each individual. Culture affects many of us in different ways resulting in multiple definitions of culture. Lifestyle had recently been seen as a way of improvement and development, helping us to understand each of our place in culture and helping us to a better understanding of ourselves. Within the previous volume of decades each of our society and culture has evolved significantly devoid of us possibly realising that can have a range of effects in route we live our daily lives. The major changes in our world such as industrialisation, modernisation and a go on to a postmodernist era signifies that there has been a emergence of any new mass culture. A widespread controversy concerning the breakthrough of 'mass culture' in society features emerged since it has brought on much controversy and provides caused a large number of theorists to discuss how this has effected our society and culture in general. As cited by the publication 'After the truly great divide: Modernism, Mass traditions, Postmodernism' " The traditions of modernity has been characterized by a unpredictable relationship between high skill and mass culture”. It is quite clear to see that our societal and class structure has changed somewhat and this has taken about huge changes In different aspects of existence. Such as the emergence of new 'digital' cities, therefore new possibilities but likewise new stresses brought about by these types of changes. Various people believe we have entered a new period in our lifestyle, that we have made a transfer to a postmodern society largely concerned with mass production and new types of media. The west began to transform with the emergence of a new popular tradition, with new ways to mass produce and bring multimedia and info to the public. Some cultural theorists think that mass or perhaps popular lifestyle come's in the class structure. The question is...


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