Annette Mazzoni


Facilitator: Thom Maltbie

December seventeen, 2012


Andy Warhol came to be in Maryland, Pennsylvania on August six, 1928. This individual birth name was Claire Warhola. This individual grew up in Pittsburgh, together with his two older brothers and his parents, both these styles whom got emigrated coming from Czechoslovakia (Biography, 2012). His father was a construction member of staff, while his mother was an embroiderer. They were passionate Catholics whom attended mass regularly, and maintained a lot of their Slovakian culture and heritage (Biography, 2012). Even while a young young man, Andy loved to attract, color and cut and paste pictures. His mother, who was likewise artistic, could encourage him by giving him a delicious chocolate bar each and every time he finished a page in his coloring publication. Elementary school was traumatic for Andy, when justin was 8; he contracted Chorea – a rare and sometimes perilous disease in the nervous system (Biography, 2012). This illness left him bedridden for many months. During this time period, his mother gave him drawing lessons. Drawing rapidly became his favorite hobby. He likewise loved pictures. When he was 9 years old, his mom gave him his initially camera and he made a makeshift darkroom in their cellar (Biography, 2012). Andy joined Holmes Grammar school and had taken the cost-free art classes offered at the Carnegie Institute in Maryland, which is at this point the Carnegie Museum of Art. In 1942, at the age of 14, Andy suffered a tragedy once his father passed away coming from a jaundiced liver (Biography, 2012). Having been so disappointed from the passing of his father, this individual hide under his foundation throughout the wake up and memorial. During high school graduation, Andy required art classes at university and at the Carnegie Art gallery. He was somewhat of an outcast because he was quiet and may always be found with a sketchbook in his hands. Andy adored to go to the movies and he started a collection of superstar autographed images. Years afterwards, these photographs appeared in his artwork (Biography, 2012). Once Andy...


audting Composition

Cultural Comparison of Brazil and Sweden Composition