Gravity, mass and weight

Solution the following questions in your book (apart by questions you, 4 and 6 that you can answer simply by writing on this sheet).

1 . Complete the following sentences employing all or some of the words listed below;

Mass, excess weight, kilograms, Newtons, Newmans, Mr Porter, Mr Rayner, Power, upthrust

____________ measures simply how much material an object is made of. It can be measured in ____________________. Excess weight measures the ________________ of gravity by using an object. Because weight can be described as _______________ it can be measured in _______________. Mister ___________ is the foremost science teacher in the world.

installment payments on your Can you make clear why your weight would be less on the celestial satellite (compared towards the earth)?

a few. Can you make clear why your mass would be the same on the planet and the moon?

5. On the picture of the earth below, is it possible to draw what would happen to the ball in the event each person threw the ball up into the air?

5. To calculate the weight of something, you have to multiply the mass by gravitational discipline strength exactly where you are;

Weight (N) = mass (kg) x Gravitational field strength (N/kg)

The gravitational field strength on earth is approximately 10 N/kg. Use this information to finish the following (fill in the gaps)

Dog's mass = several kgWeight of dog that is known =

Mass of scissors =Weight of scissors on earth = three or more N

Mass of man = Excess weight on earth sama dengan 750

6. Complete this table (use your personal mass even if you lie if you would like! ).


Your mass (kg)

Gravitational field strength (N/kg)

Your weight on the planet (N)


a few. 7


8. being unfaithful


on the lookout for. 8

Roter planet (umgangssprachlich)

3. several


23. 1


9. 0


eight. 7


11. 0


0. 7

six. Gravitational field strength differs on different planets. For what reason?

8. Which planet are you gonna be heaviest (greatest weight)?

on the lookout for. On which globe will you be lightest?

10. Imagine that a opening could be drilled right through the...


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