Detrimental or noncriminal wrongful conducts or omissions arising away from non-contractual obligations and causing traumas to another party by providing remedies for the injuries.

" Tort”norman-french terminology –means mischief and wrong Comes from latin- tortus – means twisted, wrung and twisted.

Sir John Trout – Tort: a city wrong that the remedy is a common rules action to get unliqudated problems, and which is not exclusively the breach of contract or perhaps trust or perhaps other fair obligation Sir Percy henry Winfield- atteinte – the breach of duty mounted by the rules, where the work is one particular towards the person generally as well as breach is definitely redressible by simply action of damages

Person commits tort = tort-feasor/wrongdoer

Wrongdoing – tortious work

Injured component – can claim unliquidated damages eg. Compensation Problems – certainly not specified – decided by court

Tort comprises of pursuing features:

2. Tort – non-contractual civil wrongdoing or omission

2. The wrongful act or omission hurt the interest /rights of other party * Influenced. injured party – rights to claim intended for unliquidated problems

Torts split up into 2 classes

1 . Unintentional torts – negligence, rigid liability

installment payments on your Intentional torts- trespass, defamation


-Failure of exercise care

-harm caused by carelessness, not intentional harm

Description – by simply Professor Percy Henry Winfield:

Negligence: the breach of legal duty – to consider care, which will result in damage, undesirable by the defendant for the plaintiff. < 3 Lochgelly Iron and Coal Co v. Mcmillan: neg – more than sloppy and heedless conduct. It implies the complex idea of breach, responsibility and damage. Suffered by person to whome the duty is displaying.

Negigence – 3 elements – should be proved by affected person 1 ) There is a legal duty of care payable by the tort-feasor to the sufferer 2 . We have a breach of legal work by tort-feasor

3. The breach of duty provides damage or perhaps injury to the affected person -Legal...