п»їThe Production of Benzoquinone from a variety

of environmental conditions in spud juice remove


The presence of quinones inhibits infection of microorganisms because it is toxic to them (Danyk, H, 2013). Quinones are produced by the oxidation of phenolic compound of catechol. Enzymes prefer speed up reactions in cellular material (Danyk, H, 2013). The enzyme catechol oxidase can be used to improve the production of benzoquinone to help in disease prevention.

With this study catechol oxidase was combined with spud juice draw out and normal water. To provide more results from the enzymes efficiency patterns the solutions; temperatures were changed, alterations were made in pH, and the quantity of attention of catechol was improved. The solutions absorption was measured with a spectrophotmeter, this kind of determined what conditions the enzyme made benzoquinone the most. This is done to prove that a lot more basic the pH is usually, at room temperature, and with higher concentration of catechol oxidase it will create more benzoquinone. This will happen until the present amount of catechol oxidase becomes limited due to its contribution in the reaction.

Methods and Materials

There were 6 test pipes needed inside the first method where the correct amount of mL was placed within; 1, a couple of, 4, 8, 16 and 24. One-by-one 5mL in the neutral pH 7 was added to the tubes in which the equal amounts of catechol (corresponding the number on the tube) were dropped in respectfully. To make sure that every evaluation tube was equal in there amount of volume, more of the pH 7 were then added drop by drop, starting at the beginning; 23, 22, 20, 16, and 8. Almost all consisting of the same parts in volume the test tubes had been combined with 40 drops of potato drink extract by an eyedropper and shaken so the complete mixture can become evenly distributed over the enclosed place. Keeping the pipes at area temperature although mixing at one-minute intervals would always...


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