The goal of a school education is usually to broaden your head. Discuss The definition of " increase your mind” can be defined as broadening intellectual ability and providing a broader perspective on your life. The aim of this kind of essay is to discuss the style that schools broaden the mind, which can be asserted from many different perspectives. Firstly the issue of a university having purpose must be discussed, the definition of a university is ‘the establishment where a seat of higher learning is definitely housed. ' (According to Google definition) University education is voluntary; students are certainly not spoon fed information. College students are expected to accomplish back ground studying and a lot of 3rd party research, where they go to lectures and seminars to assist guide these people. University is around independent learning which maybe gateway to expanding home knowledge, and understanding thus improving a objective look at of a topic which in this case is a way expanding your head. Though it can be argued that broadening know-how is based on the primary approach to the subject at hand, if you do not have a passion for learning you would not really learn. While Thomas Friendman thought " " the enduring skill" needed within a flat universe is " an capability to learn how to find out, " so that we can easily adapt to rapid changes. He advocates that By loving to learn” (Thomas Friendman, Findarticles passage 6). Friedman is saying that, for our economy to adjust to the revolving changes in the world, learners being taught matters should not be spoon fed nevertheless should discover ideas independently, this way they will think more on their toes and fingers.

There are many methods of broadening the mind it is not necessary to go to a school as there are many other factors that may help, such as the environment. In greater London people are exposed to so much diversity of culture, locating landmarks including Soho and Chinatown, which is also found in various other major towns. Being exposed to a great deal difference in that small place can...


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