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Brooklyn, NY 11235| | p. 1-718-332-2003 ext. 3390f. 1-718-648-9349| | [email protected] com sbhsmunchies. wix. com/munchies

3000 Method X

Brooklyn, NY 11235| | p. 1-718-332-2003 ext. 3390f. 1-718-648-9349| | [email protected] com sbhsmunchies. wix. com/munchies


Business Plan


Business Plan

Table of Contents

Initial Components2

Supervision Functions3

Advertising Plan5

Examination of the Environment

Break-Even Analysis11

Financial Data12

Income Statement

Cash Finances

Financial Write-Up

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Income Assertion

Harmony SheetCash BudgetFinancial-Write Up

SWOT Analysis & Discussion of Organization Risks3

SWOT Analysis Discussion of Business Dangers

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Initial Components

Business Summary

In September 2012, MUNCHiES Incorporation. was re-created as an online international delicacy catering assistance. The company should establish a fresh catering disposition in the around feature because they develop being a company. The brand new catering style will use online and international services in an unparalleled way; Hunger pains offers a wide arrangement of gourmet puddings that are available for sale by additional Virtual Organization (VE) Firms and employees for all occasions: birthdays, wedding events, bar mitzvahs, etc . MUNCHiES Inc. generally targets EMPIEZA Firms and personnel inside the two market segments that appeal to us. Goods are available for purchase that could suit quite a few market portions. Usually, most teens are not the typical purchasers of these products, which is why the values were made inexpensive for them. The other industry segment contains workers in the middle and higher classes. As a coming back Virtual Organization company, MUNCHiES is in the process of reconstructing each of our business, to do so , The Firm had to sell each of our premier goods at an amount that was not only affordable, but likewise at an amount that will make this possible for these to break even and gain an appropriate profit. There are lots of VE Businesses that Hunger pains has and also has a organization alliance with and package deal their products. MUNCHiES plans to participate in some of the trade shows, which is where they will plan on bringing their largest source of income. Our competitive analysis indicates that MUNCHiES Incorporation. is the simply VE Firm that offers intercontinental catering, along with that, Hunger pains, along with three various other VE catering Firms posseses an active web site; this puts them up for more income. Last year MUNCHiES Inc. a new gross revenue total of $4, 125. 79 and total product sales revenue of $15, 443. 79, and we intend to produce that better still this year.

Mission Affirmation

Our Mission: to fully reinvent and revolutionize the catering industry, by serving decadent and rejuvenatingВ sweets for the world. В

Company Description

Located in 3000 Method X, Brooklyn, New York, MUNCHiES Inc. is a returning VE firm founded to offer fabulous dessert wedding caterers. MUNCHiES Inc. opened its doors in November 2011 with of sixteen employees. The firm caters various fabulous desserts for all types of events internationally, whether it might be weddings, birthdays or even tavern mitzvahs. MUNCHiES Inc. also provides their providers to different VE businesses and employees. Our goal is to revolutionize the wedding caterers industry if you take it to the next level so none can evaluate. Management Capabilities


Goals are necessary for a business's accomplishment. This helps the employers and employees know what they need to complete in a certain time period (short term or perhaps long term). Most businesses set goals to higher their organization. There are numerous desired goals of MUNCHiES Inc. Being a returning Digital Enterprise organization with a clean set of staff, we are even now in the process of reconstructing the business. Due to this, we believe it can be imperative that we work to boost customer satisfaction. To do this, we...


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