Chapter 11

The criteria used by Fortune to rank the very best global companies were profits. These companies weren't ranked by simply profit. Actually Fannie Mae, ranked internationally as Global 500's 26th company should a profit damage.

The US contains 7 positions of the best 25 businesses while Chinese suppliers only keeps 3 positions and The japanese only two positions. I used to be surprised with this because multimedia causes us to believe that China and Japan are taking over ALL OF US industry and profits. Obviously, 14 of the top 25 companies are inside the oil/gas/utility business and four are automobile manufacturers. Bundle of money: Global five-hundred

Rank пЂ¶CompanyRevenues

($ millions)Profits

($ millions)


Regal Dutch Layer

484, 48930, 918

2US: Texas

Exxon Mobil

452, 92641, 060

3US: Illinois

Wal-Mart Shops

446, 95015, 699

4Britain: London


386, 46325, 700

5China: Bejing

Sinopec Group

375, 2149, 453

6China: Bejing

China National Petroleum

352, 33816, 317

7China: Bejing

State Main grid

259, 1425, 678

8US: California


245, 62126, 895

9US: Texas


237, 27212, 436


Toyota Engine

235, 3643, 591



231, 58017, 069



221, 55121, 426

13Japan: Tokyo

Japan Post Coalition

211, 0195, 939


Glencore International

186, 1524, 048

15Russia: Moscow


157, 83144, 460

16Germany: Dusseldorf

At the. ON

157, 057-3, 085

17Italy: The italian capital


153, 6769, 539

18Netherlands: Amsterdam

ING Group

150, 5716, 591

19US: Michigan

General Motors

one hundred and fifty, 2769, one hundred ninety

20South Korea

Samsung Electronic devices

148, 94412, 059

21Germany: Stuttgart

Daimler motor company

148, 1397, 880

22US: Connecticut

Basic Electric

147, 61614, 151

23Brazil: Rio de Janeiro


145, 91520, 121

24US: Nebraska

Berkshire Hathaway

143, 68810, 254

25France: Paris


142, 7126, 012

26US: Washington D. C.

Fannie Mae

137, 451-16, 855

27US: Michigan

Ford Motor

136, 26420, 213


This report was commissioned to measure the pursuit of international development opportunities in Poland. To accomplish economies of scale, each of our marketing and manufacturing division is aiming toward a strategy of minimum local regulation and we believe Poland is the best place to achieve that. We have decided that we will produce laptop computers more proficiently in Biskupiec, poland.

Poland has a combined economic system when the economy has a variety of personal freedom, combined with centralized economical planning and some government regulation. Poland has been a member of europe (EU) for 7 years and counting and international direct investment (FDI) offers played an important role in supporting Poland's labor-intensive and medium-technology industries. Strong monetary growth potential, a large household market, tariff-free access to the EU, and political steadiness will allow the company to develop a lucrative romantic relationship with this kind of central Western european country.

Poland is the simply EU country that had not been a part of the 2009 recession. Dell has a manufacturing facility in Especially which will give to us access to a highly trained work force. The unemployment level for the is doze. 5% that gives us a chance to enter this kind of democratic and fast-developing region.

In expanding this romance, it will be important to consider their local lifestyle. Periods of silence during negotiations are certainly not unusual. We need to not make an effort to fill the silence with unnecessary talk. We will have to be patient during negotiations. In Poland, the decision-making process is sluggish than in the usa. So we have to be prepared to possess several conferences before getting the deal. Building relationships and face-to-face get in touch with is essential for business and cooperation for his or her culture. That they don't carry out much business over the mobile phone or through email. They don't work on Weekends and we need to take this into consideration when hiring and scheduling the workforce.

To start with our quest for international enlargement, our study shows...


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