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Mrs Chamberlain has not been responsible for the death of her little girl, Azaria Chamberlain as there may be sufficient sum of proof to confirm a dingo acquired killed the nine week old baby. There was zero motive confirmed and insufficient amount of time to prove that Lindy Chamberlain had indeed killed her baby she looked after with very much love. Sally Lowe, who also camped subsequent to the Chamberlains stated that Mrs Chamberlain had a fresh mum shine to her and was not surly or furious. Evidence provides indicated that the place the Chamberlains camped for had dingoes in the area. Signs were ordered being put up in 1980 signifying the area covered dingos but was not set up at the time. In addition , the friends and family had slept in tents near a sand eminence therefore being a target for the dingos. Witness Grey Lowe told how he was talking to the Chamberlains at the barbeque area and saw Mrs Chamberlain take Azaria and Aidan returning to the camping tent around ten o'clock. He then testified that eight to ten mins later, your woman returned with Aidan with baked coffee beans. This shows that Mrs Chamberlain acquired insufficient time to kill her baby. Through the ride to the camping location, Mrs Chamberlain testified that she had been left with Azaria for a long period of time as Mister Chamberlain and their other children were rising ‘The Climb'. In that time period, Mrs Chamberlain would've got enough time to kill her baby nevertheless she failed to. " Dingos are capable to hold a child by simply its go get the long miles and a little child is a viable food towards the dingo” stated Les Harris, the President with the Dingo Groundwork. Also, a tin have been chewed by a dingo during the making in the film regarding the Chamberlains has tested that a dingo had enough strength and ability to kill a baby. Doctor Vernon Plueckhahn believed that there been little bleeding because the dingos teeth might have been plugged into the wounds. A tourist, Greatest extent Whittacker was involved with the search to look for some clues about the whereabouts of Azaria...


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