Unethical Corporations: Coca-Cola

April 28, 2010

Skol is the greatest soda service provider in the world. Though it is extensively consumed, so many people are unaware of it is labor infractions. The company comes under fireplace in the last few months for the way in which its employees are cured in Guatemala. The primary method to obtain all the assault is the workers' union. About February twenty-five, 2010, Softdrink was sued by these Guatemalan employees, who claim that they, " endured a campaign of violence” from the people who proved helpful for the bottling or processing plants owned by simply Coke (Business Week). This violence came about in Guatemala City. The perpetrators had been employed by Incasa, which controlled the bottling plant (Business Week). Among the plaintiffs can be Jose Palacios, who confronted violence after rejoining the workers' union in 2004. Not only was he taken at and threatened in the bottling herb, but armed men broke into his home and threatened his family (Atlanta Business News). A few weeks after this invasion, in 2005, he was fired without a cause (North American Congress on Latin America). Another plaintiff in case is Jose Chavez, a prominent union leader. In 2008, following he took part in in collective-bargaining activities in Guatemala City, returned home to his waiting family. Upon his arrival, Chavez's son and nephew had been brutally killed in front of his eyes great 16 year old daughter was gang-raped (North American Our elected representatives on Latin America). This kind of violence was a response to his activity inside the union. Pepsi has confronted legal actions by employees before. In 2001, it was sued by union laborers in Republic of colombia for violence against unionized workers. Within a statement for Coke's annual meeting of shareholders in 2005, the business claimed, " Our company and our bottling partners have already been accused of complicity inside the murder of union associates and the recurring intimidation of union members and of the suppression of union activity in Republic of colombia. The allegations are not true” (PBS). The organization paid more...


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