Why do we include seasons and how do they affect my entire life?

We have conditions because the globe is bent on its axis, as it makes their yearly trip around the sun.

The Earth's axis is tilted at an angle of 23. your five degrees. Because of this the earth is often ‘pointing' to 1 side since it goes around the sun. So , at times the sun with the direction the fact that earth is definitely pointing, but not at other times. The varying sum of sun rays around the the planet, during the year, makes the seasons.

We certainly have hot high seasons and chilly winters because of the tilt from the earth's axis.

The lean of the the planet means that earth will trim towards the sunshine, which creates ‘Summer' or lean away from sun which usually creates ‘Winter', 6 months afterwards. In between these types of, spring and autumn is going to occur.


The North Pole starts to move away from sun. Direct sunlight rises lower in the skies, so the days start getting shorter. When the sun are at mid-point in the sky, we reach the ‘Autumn Equinox' about the 22nd of September. Day and night are both 12 hours long and it's the beginning of fall months.


The earth continues about its course, and our North Rod starts moving towards the sun again. The sun movements upwards in our skies and the days continue getting much longer. We reach a mid-point when nighttime and daytime are both 12 hours long. This can be called the ‘Vernal (or spring) Equinox', and occurs around the 21st of 03.


During the summer, direct sunlight rays strike the earth by a steep angle as the sun is usually higher while flying. The light would not spread out quite definitely; this enhances the amount of energy hitting anyplace. The long daylight hours during the summer months permit the earth sufficient time, to reach warm temperatures. This is why the days will be hotter throughout summer months.

Because the sun is larger, in the sky our shadows our shorter than they are in different other three seasons.


During the winter months, the sun rays hit our planet at a shallow viewpoint, because the sunlight is lower while flying. The...