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Definition of Promoting

If one asked the average person the definition of promoting, the response would commonly be promoting a product. Marketing, however , is somewhat more than a catch-phrase or ring. Marketing is about satisfying the needs in the consumer. Expenses Gates, founder of Microsoft, summed it up best when he said, " Your most unhappy clients are the greatest method to obtain learning" (Hill, 2003, em virtude de. 1). The success or failure of a business can easily hinge on its method of marketing; this kind of paper provides two different definitions of promoting and provide three examples of the value of marketing to make a business good in today's global marketplace.


Bateman and Snell specify marketing while " determining customer requirements (latent or manifest) and translate these people back to the firm due to its reaction" (p. 580, para 6). Of all of the various company departments, marketing is nearest to the customer. Features of marketing fulfils consumer awareness and how it interrelates within the economy. When a business is aware of future trends within the industry, it might use the know-how to power its position with competitors to fulfill customer would like and needs and develop the best approach to encourage its service or product.

The American Marketing Association (AMA) includes a different definition stating the function of promoting as " a set of procedures for creating, conversing and providing value to customers as well as for managing client relationships in ways that profit [both] the organization and its stakeholders" (AMA, 2010). This wide-ranging view summarizes the multiple activities of marketing within an corporation. These advertising activities, if successful, should result in revenue to meet organizational goals and sustain development year over year.

The view of this creator is promoting is more than advertising; the main role of promoting is to acknowledge and satisfy its customers'...

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