п»їCase 1:

This patients had been in the medical clinic today. Make sure you describe how they should take their particular medications (explanation for dose) and when their next dosage will be (next dose). Intended for documentation uses you will likely ought to express amount of time in international regular time. Be sure to express your answer in using international standard time. Hint: Review the resources supplied in the examining and on pages 127 and 128 inside your textbook. ) Patient #


Description for dosage

First medication dosage

Next medication dosage (international common time)


Pain medicine with the directions: i tab PO q6h

1 tablet orally just about every 6 several hours

9: 35 am



Aspirin: ii case PRN

two tablets as needed

12: 00 pm

Not provided


Penicillin: ii shelves PO q4h

2 capsules orally every single 4 hours

2: 00 pm hours



Pepcid: i tab PO q4-6h

1 tablet orally every 4 to 6 hours

6th: 00 was



Ibuprofen: 800 mg PO TID

800 mg orally 3 x a day

being unfaithful: 30 pm hours


Case 2:

The patient is going to be provided an injection pertaining to arthritis. The medication is available in a vial that needs to be stored at 20В°C to 25В°C. Convert this kind of temperature to Fahrenheit. Hint: Refer to webpages 129-130 in your textbook. 68В°F to 77В°F

Based upon the calculation, where should this medication always be stored till use and why? This medication needs to be stored in room heat. It can not be warmer than 77 В°F so it has to say fairly cool and it cannot be colder than 68В°F so they must do not need to become refrigerated.

Case 3:

In a " twenty-four hour” walk-in clinic, immunizations are given only on Monday between 1315 and 1615. Which declaration best describes these hours?

Monday early morning only

Mon morning through Monday night

Monday morning hours and evening

Monday evening only

The clinic determines to offer immunizations on Sunday between 15 a. meters. and 2 p. meters. How would you express this kind of in worldwide standard time? You can label pages 127 and 128 in your textbook. Saturday via 1000- 1400

Case 4:

A mother calls the clinic because her child is not feeling well. You ask in case the son provides a fever and she responds that his temperature is 38В°C. Convert this temperature to F. Hint: Refer to pages 129-130 in your textbook. 100. 4В°F

Does her son possess a fever?

Yes, the normal temperature is definitely 98. 7В°F. There for, her kid is operating a low-grade fever.

Case a few:

Annie is definitely 3-years-old and it is being found for what appears to be an ear ache. Annie's mom asks whether it is safe to offer Annie kids aspirin since she has some at home. Her husband requires it as being a " bloodstream thinner. ” What is your respond to Annie's mom?

Yes, it is meant for kids so Annie is safe to adopt it.

Annie will be given an antibiotic. Her mom mentions that she is hypersensitive to penicillin. What are a few checks and balances that ought to be in place on the physician's workplace and in the pharmacy to ensure that errors are generally not made with sufferers with allergy symptoms to specific antibiotics? В

Case six:

Mr. Cruz has rheumatoid arthritis and is likewise experiencing muscle spasms. The medical professional prescribes a great analgesic and a muscles relaxant. Precisely what is the most likely drug school prescribed intended for arthritis? How exactly does it act? Nonsteroidal Potent Drugs (NSAIDs)

Managing soreness, swelling, and stiffness

Mr. Smith brings up he required acetaminophen to get the joint disease but it would not provide alleviation. Why is acetaminophen not very powerful in treating joint disease? It has simply no effect on the underlying infection, redness, and swelling in the joint. What patient education should be furnished with muscle relaxants? Muscle relaxants are not advised for use by pregnant women, elderly adults, or people who have depression or a good drug or alcohol habit. Drowsiness or dizziness, likely addiction or dependence, dried out mouth, urinary retention.

Case 7:

Mrs. Jones provides chronic heartburn, also known as GERD, and was prescribed Nexium to relieve her symptoms. Solution the following questions below with regards to patient education...


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