d)Examine the ways in which regulations and social policies impact family existence. Laws and social policies have been influencing the family for centuries. They can adjust how family members look or function either directly or indirectly. Laws and regulations and policies can be directed directly in the family to engineer modify, to mould them to a new scheme or to replace the way they will function (such as contraception). However , relatives life may also be changed by indirect guidelines where the is altered but the policy had not been directed at the family in another area that have damaged the relatives but secondarily.

Marital life, an important part of family life, has been intensely affected by changes in law and social policies. In Great britain you happen to be basically liberated to marry whomever you choose with only a few conditions. You must always be at least 18 years old (16 with parental permission), you must not get married to family members, you can marry somebody of the same sexual and you should never marry someone who is already committed. This means that in britain, men aren't allowed to have multiple wives or girlfriends as they perform in other countries. They are really restricted to the normal couple of guy and partner. This seems to be trying to minimize the family into a elemental family. These kinds of policies are generally direct as they are aimed at changing or reducing what the relatives can carry out. However , these policies aren't fixed. At present there is a few debate in parliament regarding whether same sex marriages should be acceptable. If a fresh policy was brought out to favour same-sex marriages, this could change how a family in Britain is usually structured and functions. It might increase family members diversity as well as the ‘typical' friends and family life may change.

The changes in law in marriage and divorce mean that family selection is now progressively common. Dramon monogamy is incredibly common in britain as bigamy is illegitimate but cases of divorce are much much easier to apply for and receive. This has altered family life while families have become more diverse and various....


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