Describe the work of lay barrister (10 marks)

The work of lay magistrates includes reading applications pertaining to bail (bail act 1976) and for legal aid. Magistrates also sit in benches of 3 and listen to all brief summary offences and many of either-way offences being a court of first instance, that's above 96% coming from all criminal instances. The majority of either-way offenders choose a magistrates reading as they expect a short sentence because the magistrates sentencing powers will be limited to six months time imprisonment or perhaps 12months pertaining to 2 accidents, and a maximum great of ВЈ5000. They notice preliminary hearings for all legal cases, but they then copy indictable offences, some either way offences which might be outside their sentencing powers, or are particularly complex, and applications intended for bail for the crown court docket. Magistrates also accompany routine judges in hearing appeals against conviction/sentencing from the barrister in the overhead court. having the magistrates inside the appeals will help them to gain further expertise on how regulations should be viewed and which sentences work for which crimes so the same mistakes are not repeated. When hearing circumstances magistrates happen to be advised on points of regulation by legally qualified clerks, but they must decide on the important points by themselves. That they alone must interpret what the law states and agree on conviction and sentencing, and any ideal costs or compensation. legal advisors must not influence your decision making of the magistrates while the whole notion of magistrates is trial by your peers, as you do not need any qualifications to become a magistrate thus they are more representative of society than judges are. A mixed male or female bench of 3 specially qualified magistrates and the justice's clerk sit inside the youth courtroom. Proceedings inside the youth the courtroom are very like the adult courts but more relaxed, and fewer formal. In the youth courts a parent or perhaps guardian should be present and the youth may possibly have a social worker or legal representative. In case the...


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