Case Study Analysis

eBay: Within a League of Its Own

Craigs list is the innovator of the on the web auction market, and was unchallenged for quite a while. The craigs list company became the leader in the online auction sector by not merely allowing every day consumers to purchase and sell things, but it also allowed big companies to clear up their stock to great buy shoppers. EBay has become a significant competitor in the traditional e-tail environment with the less competitive " get it now” option and the acquisition of PayPal, their safeguarded online payment processing system. The problem that eBay encounters currently is definitely creating a business plan to maintain their position because the leader on the internet auction market while creating a place like a retailer of choice in the set price e-tail market and continuing to exceed income levels. Keeping their place has become a recent challenge mainly because eBay is currently facing firm competition in the online auction market. Some of the competition that auction web sites is up against are sites such as Yahoo Auctions, Overstock. com, Your local craigslist ads, Google as well as the recent re-surge of Amazon. com. EBay is now facing competition since other sites are now building their very own sites about some of the downsides of the craigs list giant. For example , eBay is usually not a free site. Retailers are incurred monthly costs, which in turn can easily drive up the price tag on the items offered. Sites including Craigslist will be completely free, elevating its popularity everyday based upon the fact that there are no charges to utilize the internet site, the site is somewhat more local offering merchandise to consumers whom are nearby the item, thus shipping costs are little. This as well allows the buyer the option to get items much quicker. Amazon. com has found a recent spike in users due to its no auction formatting that is attractive to many buyers. Amazon. com also has increased their acceptance by enabling used what to be distributed and self-employed sellers to obtain business on their site. Just lately eBay...