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Content material


Stakeholder Analysis3

Buyer - Cheating on Price3

Suppliers -- Squeezed the profits4

Firm - Economical and Emission reduction4

SWOT Analysis of overall business CSR, sustainability, and moral performance4 Strength4








Melange S. A. is a French multinational dealer, Founded on 1958. Through fifty four years, Melange has become one of the largest hypermarket chains on the globe, the second largest retail group in terms of income, and the third largest in profit (after Wal-Mart and Tesco). You will find over 11, 000 retailers in 30 countries across the world. But Metissage in china and tiawan market, Carrefour is facing the problem of reputation and support price gradually decreased because of their unethical things has become published.

Through this report, a few wrongdoing of Carrefour will probably be carried out, by analyzing their stakeholders and using the way of SWOT examination. Then a set of some suggestions according to wrongdoing will be put forward.

Stakeholder Analysis

In this part, Let me analyze the different stakeholders through different instances

Customer - Cheating in Price

Melange have broken their own kudos by planning to cheat Chinese language consumers simply by overpricing. Next year to be...

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