New York: Sunlight and Shadow

The " Sunshine and Shadow” portion of the New You are able to Documentary series by Ric Burns was certainly known as for a purpose. Right at the beginning of the documented section, it really is made clear for what reason the different themes of sunshine and shadow work for New York in 1865. In the " Gilded Age” of America, there were two components of life in New York City. There was the that was performed visible to the general public and outsiders, which was the extreme wealth and development going on in the city at the moment. This area of the city can be representative of the " sunshine”, symbolizing success, visibility, and fortune. Second, there was these part of life in Nyc, the seemingly masked and forgotten aspect of New York City during the time, which was the poverty. This era in New York City noticeable a grossly contrasting socioeconomic age, with those living far further than their needs, plus the vast amount of poor living far under the poverty series. The rich businessmen in the city gained millions via corruption, growth, and washing money, while the poor fought to survive in packed tenements with significant families. Poor people worked regularly and completely hard in low-paying industrial facilities, only to hardly keep up with rent and food for their family members. Corrupt business people such as Cornelius Vanderbilt and William Tweed illegally obtained millions, redefining wealth, as the partner of New You are able to City lived in disease and despair. There have been mansions staying built upon 5th streets, while several blocks apart the other half of the Nyc population had trouble. Finally, in 1896, John Riise printed " How a Other Half Lives”, exposing the hidden facets of life pertaining to the poor and sick in New York City. The publication included real photos, taken of the tenements, bars, and desolate in the poor sections of New York. It brought to attention the unacceptability in the difference in lives of the people in the " sunshine” and people in the " shade”.



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