" Flowers”

Robin Jenkins effectively conveys loss of innocence and ish war through sophisticated meaning in the brief story " Flowers”. This tells the story of a young girl, Maggie, who was removed from the city of Glasgow towards the highlands of Scotland in an attempt to avoid the inhumanity of conflict, but it with the highlands wherever she really witnessed the brutality of war.

The character of Miss Laing is utilized to show the glamour of war. At the beginning of the story Miss Laing is definitely portrayed as being a very harsh teacher but since the airmen fly over, we the girl her individuality completely alter. She is incredibly patriotic and she cares for and gifts the airmen. She identifies them while " flowers” as she thinks that they will be amazing and that everyone should love them.

" There they may be, children. ” She cried. " These are the true plants of our country, the most treasured the most beautiful. Influx to them” Miss Laing represents the glory of war. The girl compares the airmen to flowers as they are precious to her. The aeroplaner can be bouquets in many ways; they may be fragile and quite often die once picked. The moment she perceives the airmen she becomes exuberant, really almost like she actually is a different person yet she cherishes every second whenever the girl catches peek of them.

The character of Maggie is introduced as somebody who doesn't usually follow the guidelines; she is a great outsider and feels antiestablishment from the remaining children.

" They all gabbled to one another in Gaelic, mystical and hateful to her lowland ears” While Margaret is usually from the lowlands she does not understand Gaelic. She feels isolated and unwanted as the other kids don't take any affinity for her or involve her in whatever they do. She has not altered to the fact that all others speaks one more language which in turn unsettles her.

The fact that she is inside the highlands infuriates her because she would somewhat be house, in Glasgow, playing with her friends.

" Bell heather streaming just like fire”

The girl compares the heather to fire which is strange...