Born to Maria Kilbourn and George Washington Eastman on September 12, 1854, young George experienced several hardships in early stages in his life which molded and sharp his capability to adapt and innovate – traits that might later on establish his success in the field of picture taking. The death of his father when he was simply seven, which left the family financially challenged, and his decision to " drop out of school at 14 to aid his widowed mother and two siblings, one of whom was severely handicapped” (Eastman Kodak Company), are only some of the circumstances in the life which could have made George Eastman socially, mentally, and emotionally diverse or not the same as other kids his age group. In addition to these circumstances, George Eastman's inborn personality, such as " his ability to conquer financial adversity, his gift for firm and managing, and his exciting and imaginative mind, ” served just to strengthen his difference by others and set him separate (Eastman Kodak Company). George Eastman lived at a time once recording or taking photos was complicated and entirely for those who acquired the knowledge and skill by exposing moist plates and developing all of them using the suitable chemicals. Although unlike different ones during his time, George Eastman would not shy away from looking to change a thing that the people after that were not just used to, although resigned to. His big difference had him searching for another way to make the technique of taking pictures much easier. For three years, George Eastman meticulously tried gelatin emulsions in his mother's kitchen after his are junior clerk at the Rochester Savings Bank during the day was over. His perseverance paid back and by 1880, George Eastman had not just perfected the dry platter formula, he had also develop a machine that prepared these kinds of dry china (Eastman Kodak Company). Quickly, according to Utterback (1), George Eastman was producing dry china on a large scale which " certainly...

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