The Cardiovascular System: Blood Pressure Control

1 . a. Short term components for regulating blood pressure incorporate regulating what three items?

1 . Yacht diameter

2 . Contractility

3. Heart rate

b. Long term mechanisms will regulate blood pressure.

2 . Two significant arterial baroreceptors are located exactly where?

a. carotid sinus

b. aortic posture

3. Using up and down arrows, demonstrate effect of increased blood pressure (BP) on the urges sent to the mind, the effect within the parasympathetic (PNS) and sympathetic (SNS) nervous systems as well as the resulting enhancements made on blood pressure.

(BP ( ( impulses (( PNS and minimize SNS ( decrease BP

4. Due to these changes in the PNS and SNS, list two effects on the cardiovascular system and one particular on veins.

Heart: decreased HR/CO

Blood vessels: vasodilation

your five. Similar to question 3, demonstrate effect of decreasing blood pressure.

(BP ( reduce impulses ( decrease PNS and boost SNS ( increase BP

6. Moreover to effects on the cardiovascular and arteries, what human hormones were

introduced from the well known adrenal gland? epinephrine

and noripeniphrine

7. a. What cellular material in the renal monitor low blood pressure? Juxtaglomerular

b. What enzyme can be released due to low stress? renin

c. What does this kind of enzyme address in the bloodstream? Angiotensinogen

eight. Name two effects of Angiotensin II.

a. vasoconstrictor

m. increases aldosterone release

9. a. The primary effect of aldosterone is: boosts sodium reabsorption in kidneys

b. How can this enhance blood amount? Because water will follow salt

10. a. What other hormone will increase water reabsorption from the kidney?


b. What is the major incitement for this hormone? An increase in sang osmolarity


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