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·Objective|·I are a friendly, dedicated and plainly dedicated individual that has an ambition and determination to succeed in a situation. Even though I have encounter in the customer care field, I enjoy learn. My spouse and i get along well with other folks, while as well working proficiently on my own. I am in search of a position wherever I can develop and exceed while giving my own best to a company. | ·Experience|·Jan. 2012 - Mar. 2013·Green Bend Productions·Built/poured tangible walls intended for mobile homes. ·Brand new concept, had to really make an effort new things and figure issues out that might work. ·Cut metal, concrete floor, foam with a hot cable, wood, etc . ·Grind floors smooth and flat·Skilled having a Trowel ·Some roofing·Spray polyurethane foam gaps exactly where walls come together·Trained new employees·Team work·Long Hours·Very physical, dirty work. Was required to wear headsets plugs safety glasses and a respirator at all times Inside the plant. Heavy lifting all day. Was like doing exercises in a dirty gym all day long. I developed high quality operate without cutting corners for a high price of speed. ···Tools Utilized: Grinder, Impact and Hammer drills, Sheetrock Gun, Surroundings stapler, Mixing machine, Hot knife, Hot cable, Hoist Program, Skill saw, Sawzall, Framing, Hammer, Rock and roll Hammer, Slice Saw, Tiko Gun, Can in fact read a tape measurer plus furthermore tools. | |. Aug. 2010 -- Present ACN Salem, ORACN Independent Organization Owner·Provide important home solutions. ·Work with an extended group to accomplish personal goals. ·Provide excellent customer care. ·| |Jan. 2007 – March 2011 Salem, ORB & T Masonry·Intensive labor while always having to think a few steps in advance·Precise operate and top quality control·A large amount of patience to always study new tactics. | |Aug. 2004 -- Oct. 2006 Salem, ORSafeway Food and Drug·Courtesy Clerk·Bagged Groceries·Assisted buyers with virtually any request they had. ·Excellent...


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