Criminal Justice Workplace Statement paper

Jacqueline Johnson

School of Phoenix, arizona

Organizational Patterns and Administration

CJA 443

Luis Martinez

July 04, 2011

Lawbreaker Justice Work environment Observation paper

When doing work in the lawbreaker justice domains it takes encounter and dedication to pursue a career since an officer. В Once taking into consideration in the criminal proper rights career you are willing to give up the time and liveliness that it will take to end up being the best in their very own field. В This newspaper will focus on the organizational behavior factors that have the most important influence including leadership, lifestyle, systems, legislation, and important stakeholders.

The Beaufort Count Sherriff's Department in Beaufort, Sc is a solid law enforcement pressure and occurrence in the community. The leadership in the Beaufort County Sherriff's Department is a solid but trusted presence to its staff. The leadership at the Sherriff's department contains the Sherriff, the Chief Deputy, captain, and the lieutenant. В The behavior of the leadership with the Beaufort State Sherriff's Department definitely has an influence for the employees. Police agencies will vary levels of culture from the police officer pounding the beat to the Primary of Law enforcement officials. В Each level includes its own degree of headaches that could and trigger enormous amounts of stress. Cooperation at the several levels is important for all companies that come in touch with one another. В The picture of each and every department has been painted by media in a single way yet another and need to make certain that an accurate picture has become painted as well as the culture with the departments devices, how the system works, how the laws and how our jobs influence the stakeholders. В Also we all will look how each of these areas influence the other in either a...

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