SilCote aluminum pigment is usually manufactured by mixing aluminum paste with Monomer, SR-350 (trimethylolpropane trimethancrylate) and additive, Z-6040 which is an epoxy-functional Silane (3-glycidoxypropyl trimethoxy silane), within a jacketed mixer with the occurrence of catalyst, ABIN (azo-bis-isobutyronitrile). White nature, acts as the carrier solvent in the process.


The aluminum substance is first loaded into the jacketed mixer, accompanied by introducing a pre-determined quantity of White Soul into the mixing machine from the fresh solvent container, D701. Your mixer is distressed at a low speed although dispersion occurs, Supervisor Production/Technician will find out if proper distribution is attained. A fully dispersed paste can then be heated about 80 degrees C steadily through the heating medium in the jacket. When it has reached the pre-determine temperature, Silane is merged with Light Spirit and added into the mixer. And after that, monomer SR-350 is added with White colored Spirit blend, followed by catalyst, ABIN is blended with White Soul and added into the mixing machine. At this stage the non-volatile content material is about 18 %.

When the mixer articles has come to 80 degrees C, the stand mixer content heat is keep for at least 2hrs until the mixing machine content has become fully responded. After effect is completed, it can be cooled down to 30 deg C in no less than 2 hours. The reaction is definitely exothermic in nature plus the mixer temperature is regulated by the heating liquid Multitherm 503, which circulates through the mixing machine jacket simply by motorized blood flow pump.

The heat copy fluid system comprises a hot tank and a cold tank. Hot tank's HTF is heated up by power element to 120 deg C as the cold tank's HTF is definitely chilled by an external refrigerator to four deg C. During the warming stage, the hot HTF is pumped through the hot container and goes thru a 3-way valve to fill up the jacket of the mixer. Any pump moving the HTF around the coat to assist in heat...


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