1 . Technology has advanced __________ society's capacity to knowledge its outcomes. a. Slow than

m. Faster than

c. Only with

d. At about the same price as

2 . Which of the pursuing is not a valid meaning of technology? electronic. The wholeness of the means employed to provide objects necessary for he/ and comfort f. A clinical method used achieving an affordable purpose g. All the ways people all of us their innovations and discoveries to satisfy the h. Technology of changing human effort with physical power a few. Our world is currently dominated by

i. Industrial technology

j. Robotics

t. Information technology and biotechnology

d. Spiritual technology

5. Which of the following is definitely not an undesirable side effect of technology m. Environmental pollution

and. Creation of unsatisfying operate

o. Conflict of ethnical and religious forces

g. Depletion of natural assets

5. Moral lag can be situation by which

q. Researchers have not recently been schooled in moral beliefs. r. The speed of technological change intended for exceed regarding ethical advancement. s. Technology takes the location of ethical deliberations. t. Computer programs are not created with a great ethics m 6. All of the following will be symptoms of technological intoxication besides u. Taking violence since normal.

v. Loving technology as a toy.

watts. Relying on technology to accelerate production.

times. Living our lives distanced and distracted.

7. " Access” in e-commerce integrity refer to

y. the difference in computer availability between the abundant and the poor. z. To be able to download selected types of privately-owned know-how. . Companies ability to gain information about consumers private lives. 8. Privacy and informed consent are issues that

. Are identical whether the first is...