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1 . Demographic

Age group 25-34 gets the greatest percentage (27%) in the mobile travelling user, accompanied by those outdated between thirty-five and 44 (21%) Nearly one third of the medium cash flow level earners ($50k-$100k) are most likely to use the mobile travel app Those with tertiary studies tend to be more more likely to use mobile phone compared to other folks with different educational levels

2 . Behavioural


Business and leisure traveling

People often travel even more during get-togethers such as Xmas and New Years

a few. Psychographic

Socially aware persons

People categorized as ‘socially aware' have a high socio-economic status and they are progressive, open-handed thinkers who have are willing to make an effort new and various experiences One other compelling purpose to target the socially conscious group happens because 42% will be ‘trusted advisors' for others who are planning a vacation – great word of mouth is a key drivers in getting people to holiday for a new destination

4. Geographic

One's location does not determine whether or not they are more inclined to download the app Will not play a substantial role because of the availability of technology and the internet – so long as you have access to internet and technology, you are able to down load the app regardless of where you live What determines whether you are more likely to download the app is usually caused by elements


Functioning class adults: they tend going frequently for people who do buiness and leisure Middle to high class: they have stable careers and can find the money for to travel


Age: 35+ years of age

Middle-high profits

Socially aware

Solo holidaymakers

Frequent organization travels




We are able to identify and gauge the size, cash flow and account of our targeted market section. This target audience is been shown to be sufficiently significant and assessable.


Our targeted segment market is large

There is also a upward pattern of...


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