Special E101 learners:

Here is the group of instructions to your FIELDWORK just before drafting the feature article. Now that you have already formed the groups and still have assigned the type of description (PERSON, PLACE, CELEBRATION, TREND), it is now time to policy for your data gathering procedures. Remember to focus on the kind of description you are given to as well as the topic of the paper. Follow the following procedures:

1 ) Finalize the topic of your content. Make sure that it suits the theme that your group has chosen. 2 . The actual necessary data gathering intended for the specific sort of description. a few. On January 8, be well prepared with the completed fieldwork linen and comprehensive outline in the paper. Follow correct outlining format.


* Make interview inquiries and set interview schedule. 5. Bring the fieldwork sheet one particular and notice your interviewee closely. * Jot down important notes and other additional information. * Take images.

* Create a detailed format of your characteristic article.


* Prepare your plan before you go to the place that you will feature. * Bring the fieldwork linen 2 and explore the location.

* Jot down important paperwork and other info. * Have pictures in the place.

5. Write a thorough outline of the feature content.


* Prepare your plan before attending the big event that you will feature. * Accept the fieldwork linen 3 and observe the atmosphere during the celebration. * Jot down important records and other more information. * Have pictures of event highlights/

* Write a detailed summarize of your feature article.


5. Do first research from the topic of the feature article. * Discover people who may give additional information with regards to your topic and interview all of them. * Bring the fieldwork bed sheet 4 just as you do your fieldwork.

* Write down important paperwork and other additional information. * Have pictures.

2. Write a comprehensive outline of the feature...


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