Online Class Scavenger Hunt/Quiz Instructions

Complete this worksheet by addressing the following the duties listed below and providing answers to the concerns. You may choose to print this worksheet intended for easier gain access to. If you rather type the answers on this file, be sure to digitally save your work.

Once you have accomplished this worksheet, open the INFT information Module/Week you Assignments file and review the job instructions pertaining to completing the Classroom Scavenger Hunt To discover. You will make use of the answers from this worksheet to complete the Classroom Scavenger Hunt Questions.

The quiz should be submitted by simply 11: fifty nine p. m. (ET) in Monday of Module/Week 1 ) Which course menu switch should be accustomed to locate the course syllabus? course articles syllabus job instructions

Go through the syllabus intended for INFT 101. What is the policy intended for late work submitted through this course? Overdue work will only be accepted if there is a documented health issues or handicap, an emergency, and/or permission is usually granted in advance by the trainer. Otherwise, later work will never be accepted and definitely will result in a level of absolutely no.

In the syllabus, find the Measurable Learning Outcomes. Precisely what is the second learning outcome that may be listed? Recognize important documents and areas within the Freedom University On-line classroom

Which in turn course menu button needs to be used to locate the training course schedule? course content syllabus assignment recommendations

Look at the training course schedule to get INFT info. Of the a thousand overall items you can earn in this course, how many items is the Online Classroom Scavenger Hunt/Quiz worth? 75 points

In the course routine, what projects are you supposed to complete intended for Module/Week some of the program? setting focal points exercise, student and training course expectations to discover, and correct communication exercise.

Which training course menu button should be used to find particular information regarding class tasks? Course Articles

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