English 1010

19 January 2012

Triumphs of the Nerds

3. 14159265 or pi, e=mc2 is the language of nerds. Albert, Frank, George know this kind of language very well. Albert is a skinny, pasty, white fellow with brown hair that was always combed over to one particular side of is brain and big heavy black spectacles. Albert often thought that having been the smartest only because he had the same first term as Albert Einstein. George was the opposite of Albert. He was an extremely large fourteen year old youngster with unrestrainable curly hair that molded in an afro. Then there may be me, Outspoken, I am just your average person. I was content with denims and a t-shirt. You might be wondering just how us 3 became this sort of great good friends. Well, we have been neighbors seeing that we were born so it was bound to happen sometime.

In the middle institution that all 3 of us show up at, we are known as the nerds with the entire school. It doesn't support any that Albert dresses with Expenses Nye the Science Guy along with his pocket protector everyday. But , it doesn't bother us, except for when the posers think that they may be funny and push us around and make all of us feel like the single thing we are great for is to let them cheat off us in class. If we do not let them defraud off all of us then we have swirly's. Besides them we enjoy the classes. Our instructors said that we should advance to high school. Yet we are bothered that the lovato would just get worse if perhaps junior substantial boys would go into high school graduation and outsmart most of them. Therefore , we all agreed to stick it away here for a little longer.

After biochemistry and biology class i was all going for walks out and Albert said to us, " I wish I really could formulate a problem that would help to make those folks get kicked out of school or that they can would get captured for all the cheating they do coming from us. ” " Really not like we could write down an unacceptable answer either so that they get it wrong since so would we, ” said George. I don't know what to claim except, " I agree. ” As I lay down in bed when i am performing my home work is once i had an epiphany. I know what...


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