Monnae' Bennett


Oct 3, 2012

One of my favorite and best pictures in the Point of View project was my photo titled " Sunglass Color Wheel”. I provided it that name because the sunglasses acquired just about every color on them and i also thought it was incredibly unique. My spouse and i picked my own sunglass photo because of the elaborate designs as well as the way the colours blended with each other. The photography was ingested in the drive of my personal home. In the beginning I wanted for taking the photo inside, but the light outdoors was ideal for what I wished. I was in a position to capture the darkness from the sunglasses while still the drawbacks light externally and the structure of the tarmac really brought out the quality of the photo.

My photography was captured using the Regulation of Thirds because the absolute goal was pertaining to the night of the eyeglasses to be the subject and it was off-centered left. Texture came along as well in my photo. I needed to create more composition utilizing the pavement of the driveway showing the tiny rocks on the ground. When shooting this photo I had formed my camera set to Macro Mode because I wanted to demonstrate the design of the sunglasses and keep the houses, vehicles and woods in the background. I believe that the appearance of the picture really presented the physical features and quality of the photo.

This was the best picture because I implemented my compositional rules and made a great photo. I enjoyed the color system and the models on the shades itself. I also loved that the background was confused out to give the main target to the sun glasses. The sidewalk really brought out the texture inside the photo and the darkness from your sunglasses seemed great as well. I'm completely happy that the photo turned out how it would because I actually put a lot of effort in to getting that perfect shot.