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This is an idea for a mobile phone voting system, based on a simple user interface to verify identification and a unified, colour coded system of voting. The goal of this job is to design and put into practice an electronic voting application to get the Android os platform that will enable individuals to vote securely from anywhere. The application in general is targeted at being appropriate for devices by many suppliers and running different versions of the os. The application is likewise aimed at being localised. For a variety of factors, voters could possibly be unable to attend voting booths physically, but need to election remotely, for example , from home or perhaps while venturing abroad. Hence, there is superb demand for remote voting techniques that are convenient, transparent, and, most importantly, protected. Today, the most frequent way for distant voting is definitely postal voting, where voters cast their very own votes simply by post. Yet , it falls short of proper authentication and requires a labor intensive procedure. Net voting was introduced to offer more flexibility. Because of the passed down security vulnerabilities of the Net and computerised systems in general, Internet voting incurred a wide range of criticism. However , to date a large number of pilot assignments in different countries and research groups have been carried out.

Abstract- The heart with the democracy is usually solely with regards to the voting. The voting is the right for every citizen in the nation. The fingerprint shows the most guaranteeing future in real-world applications. Because of their uniqueness and uniformity over time, fingerprints have been intended for identification and authentication purpose. However , there are some challenges in using fingerprint in actual application. We could interested in developing and studying the Mobile voting program using finger-print texture, which can be the primary in current modern strategy for fingerprint analysis. As the cellular phone become a part of the human, it is rather convenient to use. We could using the cellphone for the purpose of voting. It helps the user to poll their particular vote inspite of any site and also in other words period of time. Keywords— Biometric, Fingerprint, Minutiae, Mobile phone.

I. ADVANTAGES Elections permit the populace to select their representatives and express their preferences for that they will be ruled. Naturally, the integrity in the election procedure is important to the integrity of democracy itself. The election program must be completely robust to face up to a variety of bogus behaviors and must be completely transparent and comprehensible that voters and candidates can easily accept the results of the election. Most of the countries in the world e-Voting program have been applied. Due to speedy growth of technology security trouble is getting improved. So rather than developing e-voting systems, as well there is a great deal research work has been done to make these devices more secure. In some e-Voting systems, there is a username and password is given to individuals to make the system more. Nowadays a lot of PROBLEMS OF REGULAR VOTING

Classic voting solutions include hand-counted paper boule. These paper-based systems can lead to a number of concerns, including: • Unacceptable proportions of misplaced, stolen, or perhaps miscounted boule • Ballots lost through unclear or invalid ballot marks

• Limited accommodations for those who have disabilities

Today, the development and widespread use of information solutions is changing the way persons view voting processes and, ultimately, the way they vote. With the forefront of these new systems is poll-site direct documenting electronic (DRE) voting and remote Internet-based voting ADVANTAGES OF MOBILE VOTING

E-voting systems offer multiple advantages more than traditional paper based voting systems-advantages thatincrease citizen access to democratic processes and encourage engagement. • Reduced costs -- E-voting systems reduce the components required for printing and releasing ballots....


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