Prisons of the future

Will there be more people on probation or more persons in prison? Yes to both, there will always be crime. More than likely a large increase in the near future because of the incredible rise in crime in the juvenile human population, which in turn causes more adult criminals. The prison systems of the future need to be looked at via a aggressive point of view just before reforming the prisons themselves. Lawmakers have to look at being sure that the punishment fits the crime and after that is accomplished in the correct facilities. I feel that we should function closer and harder on rehabilitating the juvenile offenders. Be harder on the treatment and show all of them the importance of staying out the system, and wish that this makes them think twice about their particular life in crime. But once they do in a detention center, then a center really should have programs that instill work ethics and supply formal training to acclimate the offender in society. We have overcrowding in prisons at this point and this will continue to be a problem. For every offense there has to be an appropriate sentence that could and will be upheld. I also think that there should be separate prisons for certain criminal offenses. Those who dedicate a minor offence verses individuals who have committed a crime that is much more severe have to have different features. I also think that it will be a good idea for the prisoners to pay room and board and showing a sense of responsibility. I realize a future where, every ready bodied prisoner will be working to pay for his or her stay. All things considered, most of us non-criminals, have to pay to get a roof above our brain, why shouldn't they? I see less incarceration for minimal offenses. A large number of misdemeanors will get weekend period, dismissal intended for first crime, or more creative ways to serve out a sentence; just like trash pickup truck, or operating or tasks like repairing schools, freeways or links on their off hours. This will keep them in the task force, keep them from running up a jail costs, keep all of us from...


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