2 . 1) Outline the key features of the pituitary-adrenal program. (3) The pituitary-adrenal program involves service of the hypothalamus which then encourages the pituitary gland resulting in the release of the hormone ACT-H. This tension hormone energizes the release of corticosteroids from your adrenal bande. These aid to control glucose levels and produce fats readily available for energy. a few. 2) Sandy and Vandita – grazed elbows – Vandita's injury is treatment quicker than Sally's. Sally is getting committed and moving house. Making use of your knowledge of mindset, explain so why Sandy's twisted is currently taking longer to heal than Vandita's (4). Sandy's injury is choosing longer to heal mainly because she is going through life improvements like her move and achieving married. These kinds of may be making her to create readjustments with her life like shopping for dresses or perhaps saving money instead of spending it, which suggest she can't do the items she i did so. Also, shifting house/planning a marriage is a long term stress which will stimulates the pituitary well known adrenal system leading to the release of corticosteroids. These kinds of prevent white blood cells from making anti-bodies and so lowers immune system, explaining how come her wound is sluggish to heal. Also, research by Riley has shown that stress lowers white bloodstream cell rely and so Sally may possess fewer light blood skin cells, explaining why her wound is acquiring longer to heal. four. What does the graph show regarding the relationship between stress as well as the level of process of white blood cells? (2) It reveals a strong unfavorable correlation between stress rating and percentage of light blood cellular activity. This means that the higher the stress score, the bottom the level of white colored blood cell activity when compared to normal. 5. Outline one strength and one some weakness of by using a correlational examination in pressure research (2+2) One strength is that it is quite unethical to control stress in a human and so if you didn't use a correlational analysis then you...


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