Compare and contrast the religious beliefs from the people of Mesopotamia as well as the people of Egypt.

One particular major difference in the spiritual beliefs of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia was presently there belief in eternal your life. Mesopotamians presumed that once you died, you then halted to exist in any community and there is no the grave. On the contrary, Egyptians went to great lengths aid the dead in order for them to blossom in the what bodes. Once a person died, rely upon their course, their human body was mummified, which allowed them to enter the afterlife. Pharaohs could dedicate their complete lives creating and planning a tomb or perhaps pyramid to get buried in. Once they had died, their very own body was buried with all of their assets because of the opinion that they can be needed inside the afterlife. Frequently , food, slaves, and even favourite pets were buried also.

Episodes of lifestyle transmission of agriculture and technology are blatantly apparent throughout the pre-classic era. Choose one of the subsequent agriculture or perhaps technological developments and explain hoe it absolutely was transmitted in one specific lifestyle to another (or several others), and how that new understanding affected the receiving civilization (ie. Their very own success in overthrowing neighbours, their human population growth, progress in trade, etc . ) Write one to two paragraphs describing this process. –Bronze Metallurgy

In Egypt, the transfer by stone to bronze a new huge effect their culture. Bronze tremendously strengthened Egypt's military, which in turn allowed these to defend themselves, and over through other border cultures. The bronze allowed them to make new guns and reinforce the ones these were already using. Another facet of the growth of bronze metallurgy was the control aspect. Durete was the idea material for the weapons because of its strength. This kind of invention significantly affected various other cultures too. As durete metallurgy grew, Egypt's power and electric power grew. Their neighboring areas were vulnerable by their electricity. There were...


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