1 . Precisely what is the return on investment for the proposed web portal task? The RETURN ON INVESTMENT Analysis deducted an Internal Price of Return (IRR) of 44% (see Exhibit 14A). The IRR is bigger than 12% required and very low positive NPV. Based on the information the project can be acceptable and can be a great investment. The high IRR from the analysis hinges on optimistic predictions of increasing industry penetration and a steady expansion in average order size. The key rider of the RETURN ON INVESTMENT analysis was the market transmission assumption. The allocation of Upfront vs . Ongoing Costs would as well affect the IRR value.

2 . How much benefit is produced from cost savings associated with the project? From Show 14D we can see that the predicted " Transaction Cost" cost savings due to the new technology is Year 1: $1. 14

12 months 2: $2. 58

12 months 3: $4. 04

Season 4: $4. 43

12 months 5: $6. 21

3. How much benefit lies in the improvement of earnings?

From Demonstrate 14A you observe that the expected gain as a result of new technology can be Year one particular: $1, 071

Season 2: $1, 866

12 months 3: $2, 545

Season 4: $3, 151

Year 5: $3, 534

G. S. The numbers inside the spreadsheet are a small different due to rounding

5. What further factors should be included in the RETURN analysis? Flexibility of software, i. e. if perhaps business model or perhaps strategy alterations?  Can be organization ready for such an enormous change?

Are the current clients ready and willing to embrace the brand new change, re-homing of technology? Does the company have the funds to fund this project?

Risk assessment- Job and Technology Risks

These are generally critical elements not quantified on these types of worksheets and may easily bring about failure.

5. If you were B& K's CEO, would you progress with the task? Why or perhaps why not? Strictly considering the data in this analysis, the B& K CEO should go after this job. The IRR at 44% is much above the cost of capital, 12%. However , considerations further than the data have to make a completely informed decision.



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