It is hard to look for anyone in Bangladesh who not have any recollection of a riv. Someone may well have a whole lot of remembrances of going swimming in a water while another person may have memories of journey by boat or launch on rivers. Alternatively, many of us as well experience the vicious face of rivers during flood. However memory of river is a frequent characteristic of the people of Bangladesh, a country crisscrossed by rivers.

Actually, the estuaries and rivers of Bangladesh mark the two psychology in the nation and the life in the people. But , unfortunately, the memories of rivers are declining day by day. In this regarding commercialisation do not have enough time for you to pass a moment with rivers. Many of us find it difficult to recall the last memory space of a water. The condition of a lot of the rivers is likewise very negative now. Whenever we look back again we will see that the condition of our waterways has been deteriorating since we all became callous regarding all their condition.

To highlight the many beliefs of streams and to enhance public understanding while pushing the better stewardship of rivers around the globe, today, within the last Weekend of September, World Estuaries and rivers Day will probably be observed in Bangladesh as well as the rest of world. Your day, established in 2005, is known as a global party of the world's waterways. This very day has been endorsed by different agencies of the United Nations and it is intended to match the broader efforts with the United Nations Drinking water for Life Ten years.

Originally, Community Rivers Working day was depending on the great accomplishment of BC Rivers Time, which started in 1980 in British Columbia, Canada. The BC event opened by the critically acclaimed river conservationist Mark Angelo. This year, pertaining to the third period, World Streams Day, while using theme " Revisit The River, " is going to be observed in Bangladesh with a volunteer effort to revive streams, and other organisations

As a riverine country, Bangladesh's economy is dependent on rivers. About 800 rivers including tributaries flow through the region, constituting a waterway...