Cleveland State College or university - College of Education - Conceptual Model plus the Council intended for Exceptional Children Standards

The Teacher Being a Responsive, Reflective Professional: A Partner In Learning

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The table below lists this program outcomes intended for the College of Education instructor education model. They are followed by the standards of the Council intended for Exceptional Kids that are which will guide programs in the preparing of professors in Exceptional Education. Your instructor features indicated with a code of E, M, RA, or perhaps N how this course works on you for these outcomes.

System Outcomes

E = Check out, D = Develop, RA = Refine/Apply, N= Not just a Focus


1 . COE Personal Beliefs. The CSU teacher education student articulates a personal viewpoint of teaching and learning that is certainly grounded in theory and practice [Knowledge Base: Professionalism] CEC Foundations. Special Educators be familiar with field since an changing and changing discipline depending on philosophies, which in turn continue to impact the education and treatment of individuals with exceptional requires both in college and world [Knowledge base: Professionalism].

2 . COE Social Foundations. The CSU teacher education student offers knowledge and understanding of the social, personal, and financial factors that influence education and condition the sides in which we all live [Knowledge Base: Contextualism] CEC Foundations. Special Teachers understand the field as an evolving and changing willpower based on philosophies, which continue to influence the training and take care of individuals with outstanding needs at school and society [Knowledge foundation: Professionalism, Contextualism].

3. COE Knowledge of Topic and Request. The CSU teacher education student knows content, disciplinary concepts, and tools of inquiry relevant to the development of an educated person [Knowledge Bottom: Inquiry] CEC...