п»їCultural Comparison of Brazil and Sweden

1 . Sweden

1 . 1 Facts

Laxa, sweden is officially called the Kingdom of Laxa, sweden as it is a constitutional monarchy and parliamentary democracy. The latest king is known as Carl Gustav XVI. Geographically Sweden is usually part of the Scandinavian Peninsula and has edges in the west to Norway, inside the east to Finland which is connected to Denmark by the Øresund Bridge. Further it is the third largest nation in the European Union and reaches up to about 435.00 000 sq kilometers. It approximately consists of 9. four million residents. This is a low inhabitants density compared to other European countries with only 21 people per rectangular kilometer. Above 85% in the population comes from the metropolitan area inside the southern half. There can be found the capital city as well as the biggest associated with Sweden, Stockholm. The official terminology is Swedish but almost all of the population speaks very good English since second language. Community languages will be Finish and an native language called Saami voiced in the north. Further the has a excessive developed economic climate and among the fastest monetary growths in Europe completely.

1 . two Professional lifestyle

1 . 2 . 1 Electric power distance

Professional life in Sweden is usually dominated by egalitarianism and principles relevant to this view. People you will find likely to find everybody since on the same level without looking at statuses, gender or grow older. This is showed in the reasonably hierarchic companies with smooth structures. Managers like to discover themselves more like a instructor for their staff. It has to be said that people presently there focus more on personal responsibility. For that reason status and titles are of fairly low importance with colleagues which is also exactly why they often call each other starting with names. Another important point is the high gender equality. 43% of the parliamentarians are girls. Also various female are found in top management positions. Sweden is known to be the with the top female work force in the world. To aid this there are many possibilities funded by the Swedish kingdom intended for families of public child care establishments. Further it really is typical pertaining to the Swedish that they wish to maintain all their personal space. This means that with partners or colleagues they don't discuss too much regarding private topics, their families or perhaps problems.

1 . installment payments on your 2 Etiquettes and good manners

To talk about etiquettes and good manners, it is common to shake hands with everyone also once leaving a consultation. Small talk is decreased to a really small amount because Swedish like to come down to business extremely quick. They discover talking about personal topics while unnecessary intended for doing business. Being on time is the guideline number one. In the event you once are too late you have to be sure to think about a really good excuse. Meetings usually follow a rigid agenda and contain a lots of facts and figures. Consequently Swedish entrepreneurs communicate in an exceedingly factual and clear way. Also British is often applied especially inside meetings and presentations. Business cards should be branded in English language. When it comes to business products it has to be stated that they not necessarily important to the Swedish. Normally they no longer expect any kind of. If you want to create something to your Swedish co-workers you would flourish with products that aren't too expensive just like flowers, chocolates or local specialties through your domestic country. 1 . a few Social lifestyle

An important point you have to know regarding Swedish cultural life is once again their matter about egalitarianism. Everyone should be respected in the same way as other folks and so similar to professional life shaking hands, or with younger persons hugging or perhaps kisses on the cheek are crucial. Also respect in type of actively hearing the different and always having eye contact needs to be followed. In addition they say " thank you” many times every day to show value. Family is extremely important in the Swedish culture. This is why there is a excellent education and also healthcare system...


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