Network Design: XYZ School System

Network Design and style: XYZ Institution System

IT 230 Networking

Executive Brief summary

complete during Week Nine

Write 3-4 paragraphs describing the goals of the network design and style project, assumptions, pros and cons with the proposed alternatives, and job constraints.

Wiring Specifications

1 ) The following specs represents the minimum requirements for the installation of cabling and equipment data cabling in any offices or labs to become constructed or modified for the XYZ School System.

2 . Minimum Cabling Requirements

a. The information Cabling and termination will probably be in accordance with wiring configurations as per ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B requirements

b. Most cabling operates must be uninterrupted and without splices c. Exactly where cabling will be enclosed in a solid wall structure, the cords should be set up within a channel for a additions or reconfigurations

3. General Specifications

a. Data cable (CAT-6 UTP)

i. Terminating method: CAT-6 socket

1 . Green/White (1)

2 . Green (2)

several. Orange/White (3)

4. Blue (4)

5. Blue/White (5)

6. Orange (6)

six. Brown/White (7)

8. Darkish (8)

2. Each info point must have all 4pairs assigned and terminated according to ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B criteria

b. Wires Labeling

we. Data dishes

1 . To each face dish a unique quantity will be used to point the data's location of cable termination on the patch panel

2 . The data ports will be marked with orange colored labeling for every data interconnection

ii. Wiring labels

1 . Each wire will be sequentially numbered at each end to depict the cable amount

2 . Labeling should be finished with white about black colored labels 4. Data Wiring

a. Unshielded Twisted Couple (10BaseT, 100BaseT, & 1000BaseT)

i. Grade of cable television - UTP CAT-6 cable connection

ii. End of contract - Inside cabling: segment of UTP Ethernet may not exceed 85 meters

a few. Cables entering building

a. The point of entry ought to be inaccessible to the public. Should there become need for admittance at an exterior ground level placement; the access point shall be properly protected

6. Cabling in hallways

a. All cables in corridors should be located within a holder that holds data wires b. Every cables not really located on a cable dish shall be anchored and not prevent access to ceiling tiles or other energy

7. Cabling in workplace, labs, and offices

a. All Ethernet cables shall be UTP CAT-6

b. Every cubical/office shall have no less than 2 data UTP internet connections c. Just about every lab shall have a minimum of 20 data UTP cable connections d. Printing device locations needs to have a single data connection

eight. Layout of wiring storage room

a. There ought to be one wiring rack for each floor and large enough to contain most termination components for info wiring and computer networking tools. b. Most data closets shall be keyed alike with secure tinker proof latches and be keyed differently by electrical cabinets

c. Almost all entry points ought to be at the significantly left-hand aspect of the cabinet and should always be sealed against fire with fire immune caulking

m. All info cables should be terminated on a RJ-45 area panel electronic. Patch solar panels and Laptop Equipment ought to be mounted in correctly size racks on the lookout for. Cable Testing and Recognition

a. Almost all data links must be analyzed to meet CAT-6 specifications and can include a fully thorough and synopsis test statement provided within an electronic format m. Each connections should have a continuity check of all terminated pairs c. Each connection should be authorized against the ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B standards d. All test out results will probably be supplied to XYZ's CIO and supervisor 10. Records

a. The data cabling documentation should be done as per standard practice. It should incorporate information regarding the unique designation on each cable connection label

n. A data wiring log publication shall be utilized and kept in the wiring closet c. The documentation should indicate a floor strategy showing the patch panel location for every of the data points and the test results from the CAT-6 testing in Electronic Format.

Local Area...

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