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The Dream Region

Have you ever before dreamed about a great country? My dream nation has many good things and that how come it's a desire. Country is the land on the birth or citizenship. This country is my personal dream country and there are a few reasons that will make me dream of it. I believe the good country should be tranquil, supportive and it has careers.

First, a peaceful country is a silent and peaceful place. You know the peaceful country is definitely free from battle. When there exists a war there exists blood and individuals dying. The peaceful region should also get rid crime. As the peaceful country is safe and it has much less crime as well as the last thing inside the peaceful nation are respectful people. As an example, Saudi Arabia has respectful people and it is well intentioned country. In other words, did you ask yourself if the country must be supportive?

Second, a supportive region gives help and reassurance to the people in at least in 3 ways. Free treatments helps people to be protected. For example , Arab saudi is one of the encouraging countries and it gives totally free medicine to folks. The totally free education is usually important for people to help them study and make life easier. For instance, colleges are free in Yemen and it helps the indegent learn because they you do not have enough funds to pay for college. After that, the free hostipal wards are the most important thing in our life because in these days the hospitals are expensive and you should possess health insurance to hide the cost. In my opinion, we all desire a supportive country to make the life completely happy and easy, nevertheless does my personal dream region have great jobs?

Lastly, the roles in my wish country and It is the work which a person medication dosage regularly to be able to earn money likewise its crucial to have one of the three items high wage, short time function and provide very good benefits. To start with, the large salary and it's important for people to support their very own family. For example , some firms pay a higher salary....


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