Within the last fifty years there has been a rapid increase in Buddhist adherents, the main reason for this is the accelerated improvement in technology and the accompanying elevation of globalisation. Buddhism is a endemic, immensely inhabited religion that circumscribes a variety of traditions, morals and practices, based on the teachings caused by Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha). As time passes, the Buddhist environment has become affected by the diversity of cultures inside societies that has implemented modify within a person's environment. The documentary ‘Buddhism meets Technology- Digital democracy', the article ‘Globalization and Buddhism-Alfred Bloom' plus the image of the Golden Buddha Phone... happen to be examples that contribute to the effect that technology and globalisation have on Buddhism. Technology can be defined as a software of knowledge suitable for meet could be expectation. The documentary ‘Buddhism meets Technology – Digital democracy' clearly identifies just how technology provides impacted Yoga. Burmese Monk U Agga (leader of Burma's 3 years ago Saffron Revolution), discusses the role that digital technology provides depicted in the Burmese democracy movement. Agga believes that is essential to maintain the global cohort of technology as it enables individuals to end up being notified about current concerns and affairs' surrounding naturel and it's also regarded as a form of communication between individuals. The world can be interconnected immediately through electronic devices such as tv set and the Internet. Agga can be informing adherents in the macro world for the absence of peace and human being rights that the monastery is faced with inside the micro globe; Burma. By using technology entities from overseas were able to gain insight into the " bad situation inside Burma”. Witnesses are able to record what they include viewed and post this the internet (online) which is at this point estimated to be frequently used by 26. 6% of the planet's population daily, thus, allowing for a...


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