After the formation of Pakistan, the people of East region were suppressed in every Sector. They were also not anchored in serious national disarray, which became visible during the India-Pakistan was in 1965. When the Bengalis were looking for a new solution to express their national satisfaction a desire to have a substantial assess for independence from the central political framework Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, because Awami League leader, suggested the " Six Point" demand in February, 1966. The six-point demand is a remarkable record. The points are given below –

my spouse and i. The establishment of federation on the basis of labor resolution and a Parliamentary govt. with supremacy of legislature being directly selected by mature franchise. 2. The federation will handle defense and foreign affair, and all different subject rest in the federating state. iii. Introduction of either two separate although freely convertible currencies pertaining to the two wings or a single currency for the whole country, given that effective constitutional provision ought to be made to end the trip of capital from East to western world zone. There ought to be separate financial reserve, money and financial policy pertaining to East Pakistan. iv. Proper of taxation will be inside the hands of federation state, sigh centre receiving a set portion. sixth is v. Establishment of two separate accounts for foreign exchange earning in the two wings, foreign exchange dependence on the government govt. Shall be met possibly by evenly or in a proportion to be set; indigenous merchandise shall approach free of responsibility between the two wings; the constitution shall empower unit govt. to ascertain trade and commercial relation with set up trade objective and get into agreement with foreign countries. vi. Preparing of militia or paramilitary force pertaining to East Pakistan.

The Six-point movement started out by the Awami Legue in 1966, even though short-lived, noticeable a significant radicalization of Bengali politics and played an essential role in shaping later political motions. The Six-point demand was obviously a...


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