Circumstance Analysis



Problem Condition: The overall performance of the new assistant merchandise manager will probably be affected because of the vice president as well as the product administrator misunderstanding.

The San Miguel Corporation provides a meeting for planning marketing strategies. It was took part in by item managers and other staff. Following the meeting started out, Butch Abelos the vice president and the presiding officer recognized to a crusty veteran having a reputation for bluntless requesting a series of issue that most from the product director were able to answer in detail. Then he switched and query about group of products to Raffy Bote, one of the discipline sales managers that was new promoted as a great assistant item manager to his initial headquarters for any group of products. Bote, revealed that this individual did not know the dimensions of the answers. And so the former released, " guys, you have just seen among the sloppy personnel work, and there is no justification for it! ” On the other side was Jimmy Guevarra, the overseer of the marketing and the one invited Bote. It had been immediately evident to him that Abelos had forgotten or had failed to realize that Bote was new to his job and was going to for his own positioning than to contribute this. He had to generate quick decision. He may interrupt Abelos and explain that he had judge Imite unfairly yet that alternative might ashamed both his superior wonderful subordinates. Thus he could wait until after the meeting and gives an explanation in private. He followed the other approach. Glancing at Bote, Guevarra observed that his expression was one of blended anger and dismay. Following cathing Bote's eye, This individual winked for him as a discreet peace of mind that this individual understood which damage could possibly be repaired.

Cause of the Problem: The Vice President, the Product Manager and the Misunderstanding The misunderstanding between vice president and product director is due to miscommunication.


To produce corrective actions that will stop miscommunication. Decision criteria:

CriteriaDescriptionWeight (%)

Humanitarian education Consideration


Ease of Execution

Acceptability to the management

The alternative concerned was the subordinate emotions

The capability in the problem to fix immediately

Significantly less opposition in implementation of alternative

The alternative must be acceptable to management






Areas of Account:

1 . Occupied

Abelos was very active that is why he doesn't have enough time to know these newly promoted subordinates.

2 . Missing a part of a meeting

There was the missing part of the meeting. Bote was unable to released himself like a new assistant product administrator. 3. Place

Bote was with the AGED managers. So it was challenging to identify if he was new or certainly not.

Alternative Courses of Action:

Substitute no 1 ) Make a chart with picture of people new to the organization.

A manager with a frantic schedule will be unavailable to meet new subordinates. So with a data with picture in his office they will turn into familiar to him. Advantage(s):

The application of this kind of alternative will help the better than familiarize all their subordinates. He will become inspired and act as stress reliever specially if perhaps all would wear they sweet smile inside the picture.


If this kind of alternative will probably be pursued the company will have one more cost. Of course, if you have a poor time or having a misconception to your fresh subordinate you will get additional tension if you see the pictures. Alternative no installment payments on your Give the initially part of the conference for the introduction of the new in the organization.

In the event this option will be implemented, you will turn into aware to the new members. You can expect to become free from hurting their particular feelings. Advantage(s):

The execution of this option will prevent the situation like prior to. You will turn into...


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