City Council Meeting

To get my job I went to the Mis Alamitos City council. The beginning of the conference started having a call of order then proceeded to the roll phone of the panel members. After these steps got taken place the Pledge of Allegiance was said as well as the meeting began. As each speaker experienced their turn to speaker about their topic I recently came across how democratic it was after having a person acquired given all their speech each one of the board users voted within the issue as well as the matter was either passed or diminishes, it was much like direct democracy. Also each speaker was given five minutes which can be plenty of time towards your ideas around to the plank, and it's simply a long enough time so persons don't get sidetracked or tired. But the only problem that I can see with the five day rule as if you have too many people speaking by a meeting, not everyone could have their probability to speak. When they're I noticed that the scale the city council building was obviously a little smaller than expected, since they were struggling to sit all of the people who went to causing most of people to stand in the back during the appointment. There were a large number of issues brought up during the appointment, one of the first problems dealt with the positioning of Verizon services through Los Alamitos, and the putting in and development that would happen if the town were to set up Verizon providers. Another important issue that was brought up was your increasing within water rates in los Alamitos, which will any of the residents at the meeting talked about and lots of proposals towards the board. A great finally one of the Last concerns had to handle trees uprooting sidewalks and roads through Los Alamitos that wherever cased by trees. Away of these three main matters the one that most surprised me personally was the damaged sidewalks and roads from trees. This most interested me because of the stimulus funds that was put into mending roads in the usa has not helped out broken and weed hole stuffed roads and sidewalks. These trees should...


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