" Success can be quite a dangerous medicine. It definitely adjustments people this means you will take you to another community if you let it. ” These are famous phrases form popular singer, songwriter and powerhouse Tremaine Aldon Neverson. Created November 28, 1984, Tremaine is also referred to as Trey Songz. Searching for him self, he gained a love for music and began singing with the age 13. At the age of 12-15, he fulfilled a manufacturer by the name of Troy Taylor, to whom started his skyrocketing success as a vocalist. In the year 2003, he introduced his 1st album, and then began writing music for other designers. He offers five diverse albums through which he thinks to take his fans upon five several journeys of his your life. From BET to Grammy awards, Trey Songz is far more than just a great artist. He has used his gift of music as the releasing pad to various philanthropic and entrepreneurial endeavors such as the " Angels with Heart Foundation” and the " Songz pertaining to Peace Groundwork. ” Through his " Angels with Heart Groundwork, ” Trey encourages to provide back and to experience a positive impact in their community through community support with neighborhood charities and random works of attention. Through his " Songz for Serenity Foundation” this individual aims to control the physical violence in youth. I admire Trey's commitment to music. It is anything he loves and he always delights his supporters. He is as well promoting great messages through each of his fundamentals. As a great artist, your dog is only required to deliver music and videos to his fans, but he does so much more for us. I are all pertaining to community assistance and helping the community, and so just for that I admire him. To find someone who satisfies your taste in music and your taste in figures means a great deal to me like a fan and a young mature. In closing, I want to dedicate this unique tribute to Tremaine Neverson on this incredibly special day, Content Birthday Trey!


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