The 21 Fehaciente

Laws and regulations of Leadership

Follow These people and People Follows You

-John C. Maxwell-


The concept of this book is easy: Understand and practice the 21 regulations of management and you will be an effective leader. You must also believe that every thing rises and falls upon leadership. Command is not just a position yet a process. The co-workers, peers or standard followers no longer care simply how much you know till they know how much you care. Maxwell takes the time to explain each law and why it is important to powerful leadership. When you are aware of legislation the publication goes one particular step even more and requires historical statistics, like Mom Theresa or the McDonald Friends, and demonstrates how the management law does work. Maxwell requires that as you read the following chapters and to retain four straightforward ideas in mind: 1 . The 21 apodictico laws may be learned

installment payments on your The regulations can stand alone

3. The laws take consequences with them

4. These laws and regulations are the first step toward leadership

21 Laws of Leadership:

1 . Rules of the Cover: " Leadership ability establishes a person's standard of effectiveness” The " lid” represents a leader's degree of effectiveness. A person's leadership ability determines their particular effectiveness and impact in the organization and determines the ability to do well. 2 . Rules of Effect: " The actual measure of leadership is effect - nothing at all more, nothing at all less” The ability to influence other folks is the greatest goal of your leader; others will not stick to you should you not influence these people. Managing and leading are not the same, IQ does not always identify leadership ability, the one in front is not at all times the leader, and leadership can be not based on position. 3. Law of Process: " Leadership evolves daily, certainly not in a day” Leadership is known as a collection of expertise which almost all can be learned and increased over time. " It is the capacity to develop and improve their abilities that distinguishes leaders off their followers. ” 4. Regulation...


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